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For The Individual

Dodson Solutions takes pride in the service it supplies clients. However, we always like to remember the individual as well. All of the services that are provided here are strictually for the individual and not for the business and school clients. Please feel free to surf around and enjoy the many services that we provide for you.

DS E-mail

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Dodson Solutions provides a user-friendly e-mailing service to all of its employees and many of its customers. To see if you qualify for an account please fill out the registration form.

DS Forum

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Ever wish there was a place where you can get computer help for every computer problem that you run into. Well Dodson Solutions has finally created that place. Feel free to browse around our forum that is full of useful computer fixes.

DS News Letter


Dodson Solutions creates and sends out a monthly news letter to whom ever would to receive one. This news letter is electronical and will provide you will the news about the latest updates for you operation system to the new things that are currently going on here at Dodson Solutions.


Enter Game Zone

Many games are provided for your enterainment pleasure. Dodson Solutions provides these games for free for all that come to the website.

Recommended Software


A list of the latest recommended software is located on the left panel of the page. This list is updated often which new software entering and others leaving. You can take a look at the all the programs we recommend by visiting our archive.

SMS - Provided by DS

Coming Soon

Ever wish you didn't have to send a txt message from your phone. Well soon Dodson Solutions will be providing a free method of sending txt messages to any phone straight from our website. This service will be completely free for all news letter subscribers.

DS Services Info

Service Members Opened Version
Forum ??? Mid 2007 4.7
News Letter ??? Mid 2007 Issue ? Volume ?
SMS Sent: ??? Late 2007 1.0

Table 1.1. Statistics about services